Episode 8 | Sexy Dance Healing

Sexy Dance Healing

“Sexy Dance Healing” was a joyous occasion with a star-studded cast. Mr. Fischoeder (pronounced fish odor) was played by Kevin Kline again, while a doctor was played by Rob Huebel, a lawyer was played by Steve Buscemi, and Jairo, the Capoeiera teacher, was played by Jon Glaser. Okay, this week’s episode may not have the same strong familial links as “Hauntening” or “Hawk & Chick,” but “Sexy Dance Healing” is about as excellent as it gets when it comes to Bob-driven episodes.

Bob is concerned about everything, but none more so than his day’s snappy, punny burgers. I’ve always liked these puns, and I’ve even prepared a few of the burgers myself, so it was good to see the burger of the day take center stage for the first time during the show’s run. Bob was having trouble coming up with names for his burgers, such as “The say cheese burger” and “Head, shoulders, knees, and tomatoes burger.” Bob didn’t come up with the best names. Bob fell on the body oil Jairo poured on the sidewalk while out for a walk to discover his burger name idea. The rest of the episode depicted Bob’s transformation into a true Brazil fanatic. Instead of suing Jairo for damages, he dedicated to his “beautiful, dance recovery.”

This episode of Bob’s Burgers was well-balanced, with the Belcher kids establishing their own fictitious law business and humor about how much Bob had changed. One thing that puzzles me is why everything Capoeiera has to do with buttocks. Bob soiled himself the previous time Jairo was on the show because he missed one of his 4:30 appointments. Jairo asks Bob to describe the color and personality of his bowel motions when he first sees him. I have to admit that I told my wife, who is a nurse, about it. Who knows, maybe this can help you figure out what’s wrong with someone. A clinging bowel movement is the last thing anyone wants. But I’m not sure how a buttocks may appear concerned about a test scheduled for tomorrow.

During “Sexy Dance Healing,” there were plenty of butt jokes, but they overshadowed Bob’s quest to self-discovery. He may be worried about his burgers for the day, but that anxiety fuels his desire to be the best burger chef he can be. The “Runny out of thyme burger” was well worth the wait. This week’s episode may not be the best of the season, but like last year’s, this season of Bob’s Burgers has been very outstanding.


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