Episode 10 | Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation


For Christmas, Rick gives Morty a working Star Wars lightsaber, which he accidentally drops perfectly vertically. This causes it to tunnel into the Earth, threatening to destroy the planet if it reaches its core. Morty learns that Rick replaced himself with a robot after Morty had called him “boring” in “A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort“, while the real Rick is busy with his search for Rick Prime. During their quest, Morty is aided by the President who then steals the lightsaber. The President accidentally drops the lightsaber in the same manner, forcing Morty and Rickbot to retrieve it. In the ensuing confrontation with the President at the White House (which the President launched into outer space to escape the possible destruction), Rickbot is mortally injured and the three are sucked into space, but Rick rescues them with a portal. Rickbot succumbs to his injuries and tells him he was only doing what Rick would have done in his place. As the President takes his leave, Morty joins Rick in his underground lab, offering to help him locate Rick Prime, prompting Rick to monologue about their impending arduous efforts to track Rick Prime during the upcoming season 7.

Post-credits scene: Mr. Poopybutthole, having turned to bodybuilding to get over his ex-wife Amy, breaks his leg attempting a heavy squat. He asks his trainer Karl to telephone Amy using Karl’s phone, since Amy blocked his number.


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