Episode 2 | Rick: A Mort Well Lived


Die Hard-inspired alien terrorists attack the Blips and Chitz arcade and cause a temporary power outage. As a result, Morty becomes trapped in the virtual reality game Roy, with his identity split among the game’s five billion NPCs. Rick enters the game, playing as the titular Roy, to try to convince the NPCs that they are part of Morty. Rick builds millions of spaceships, planning on taking all the fragments to the edge of the map, which will reset the game and allow Rick and Morty to exit. However, Rick faces resistance from many Morty fragments, some of whom go to war with each other. One individualistic fragment, Marta, negotiates with Rick—she will convince the other Morty fragments to leave on one unspoken condition. Meanwhile, Summer picks off the terrorists, led by Chans, one by one. Chans explains that all sapient species develop the Die Hard mythology and that he is an expert who has written several books about it. Summer reads one of Chans’ books, then defeats him with a gun taped to her back just as Rick and Morty escape Roy. Rick pays a Blips and Chitz staffer to take the still-running Roy machine into storage, with Marta left behind inside.

Post-credits scene: An alien stands outside a snow base wearing a sandwich board that says “I HATE EVERYBODY”. Two other aliens watch from afar and debate whether the sign’s message is too broad to provoke anyone.


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