Episode 3 | Bethic Twinstinct


Space Beth comes back to celebrate Thanksgiving. She and Beth bond over a bottle of Venusian Wine which Space Beth had brought back from Venus. Eventually, their casual flirting develops into a full-on love affair. Summer and Morty notice, but try to ignore it by playing “realistic” alien video games. Rick deduces the affair after he and his grandkids catch them pulling a “San Junipero” in his holodeck. Rick tells Beth that while he once did something similar, she must be careful about what this could do to the family. Summer and Morty become concerned about Jerry, who previously claimed he would kill himself if Beth cheated on him. When Space Beth admits to the affair to Jerry, he rolls up into a pillbug (an emotional defense system Rick built for him while they were drunk together). Both Beths ask Rick to erase their memories of the affair. Jerry overhears this and exits his pill bug form to stop the erasure, but says he is leaving Beth. Space Beth realizes that Jerry is only upset that the affair happened without his knowledge. With Jerry’s full consent, he and the Beths have a threesome, to Summer’s and Morty’s disgust. After Space Beth leaves, Rick locks the Venusian Wine in an invisible cabinet and destroys its key-remote.

Post-credits scene: Out of curiosity, Jerry visits the Jerryboree alone to seek an affair with another Jerry, but is stopped by the receptionist who says that they have had issues with that very thing. Outside, Jerry runs into another Jerry. They share a quick kiss and part ways.


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