Episode 4 | Night Family


Rick obtains an alien device called a “somnambulator” that allows him to voluntarily sleepwalk, creating a “Night Person” who does tasks that he does not want to do in the daytime. The rest of the family create their own “night people” who exercise, learn new skills, and do household chores. Eventually, Night Summer leaves a note requesting that Rick rinse the dishes before she washes them, but Rick deliberately ignores the request. The escalating conflict between the Smiths and their “night family” over the dishes ends with Night Summer and her minions locking Rick out of his own technology, building a giant version of the somnambulator to maintain permanent control of their bodies, and enslaving their diurnal selves while the Night Family sleeps. The Smiths attempt to escape with the help of Night Jerry, whom Jerry had befriended by leaving handwritten notes for him, and a chaotic battle ensues as both sides fight for control by tranquilizing and waking each other. Night Summer offers a truce in exchange for Rick washing his dishes. Rick refuses and as a result, Summer allows his Night Person to retake control of his body.

Post-credits scene: After months of living exorbitantly, the Night Family is left destitute. Rather than face the consequences, Night Rick simply destroys the somnambulator, returning Rick and the family to normal. However, they freak out when they learn the Choco Taco has been discontinued.


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