Episode 5 | Final DeSmithation


Jerry receives a fortune cookie that says he is destined to have sex with his mother. Upon noticing how circumstances seem to be moving inexorably toward said fortune, he and Rick infiltrate the fortune cookie factory to investigate while Morty, Summer, and both Beths visit the zoo. There, the two find that fortune cookies come from the excrement of a captive fate-altering alien called a Lockerean, and Jerry’s fortune came from its imprisoned caretaker in an attempt to draw scrutiny. CEO Jennith Padrow-Chunt brings in a squad of armed fortune-boosted guards, alongside Jerry’s mother to ensure he follows through with his fate, until Rick feeds Jerry another fortune cookie that cancels it out at the last minute. Because people are immortal until their fortunes are fulfilled, Rick finds a way to make Padrow-Chunt the world’s most successful businesswoman (her fate), thus rendering her vulnerable, and she and the caretaker are subsequently eaten by the Lockerean. After they return home, it is revealed that Rick survived by eating a fortune that said “You’ll make a new friend”, which Jerry accidentally fulfills by thanking him and calling him a friend, much to Rick’s chagrin.

Post-credits scene: Morty, Summer and the Beths visit the zoo. At the gift shop, Morty sees an advertisement aimed at zebras, showing zoo patrons eating food intended for zebras, vomiting, and causing a murderous riot. He questions why they continue to display that video, before deducing they must be in a human zoo.


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