Episode 6 | Juricksic Mort


A technologically advanced species of dinosaurs arrive on Earth, stating that it is their former home and they travel between worlds to spread peace and technology. The world’s governments grant them control and they soon make work obsolete and create a utopia. Many people, however, are dissatisfied with the lack of responsibility, including the President, who promises to let Rick host the Academy Awards if he can get rid of the dinosaurs. Rick and Morty visit other planets that the dinosaurs have tended, finding that they all suffered asteroid impacts similar to the one that caused the Chicxulub crater. Rick announces that dinosaurs have a rival species of homicidal sentient asteroids, one of which is headed for Earth. Reluctant to use violence even in self-defense, the dinosaurs leave to draw the impactor away. Rick hosts the Oscars, but leaves when Summer tells him the dinosaurs are on Mars awaiting their demise. He travels to Mars and tells the dinosaurs that selflessness and selfishness are the same, prompting them to destroy the asteroid. In thanks for Rick “saving” them, the dinosaurs fix the temporal rift, much to his dismay. Rick returns home and repairs his portal gun, excitedly telling Morty their interdimensional adventures can resume.

Post-credits scene: The dinosaurs settle on an uninhabited planet and spend their time doing skateboarding tricks.


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