Episode 7 | Full Meta Jack


After venturing beyond the fourth wall into the meta where all fictional characters exist, Rick and Morty fall into a trap set by Story Lord from “Never Ricking Morty“. Story Lord steals Rick’s device which allows him to travel to the real world and seek out his creator, Jan. Meanwhile, Rick and Morty, seeking a way back to the real world, infiltrate the fortress of the “Self-Referential Six”, a group of “meta nerds” who all have reality-warping powers based on narrative techniques and devices (such as plot twists and continuity errors), but are attacked by the group and forced to flee back into the meta. They are rescued by Joseph Campbell, who assists them in creating a device to return to the real world to confront Story Lord. Jan and Story Lord have created a machine capable of siphoning motivation from the universe’s inhabitants to fuel Story Lord’s own “motivation.” Morty, with the assistance of a spectral Campbell, convinces Jan to stop operating the machine, depowering Story Lord and allowing Rick to defeat him. At Morty’s and Campbell’s prompting, Jan kills Story Lord. After Rick and Morty depart, he becomes inspired to continue writing, much to the spectral Campbell’s dismay.

Post-credits scene: An enormous, cheerful creature named “Tag-Man” fights multiple enemies in an arena while yelling about himself.


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