Episode 8 | Analyze Piss


Tired of attacks from supervillains, Rick goes to Dr. Wong from “Pickle Rick” for advice. She recommends that he ignore them. A villain named Pissmaster goads Rick into battling him, which Jerry does in his place when Pissmaster makes a sexual remark about Summer. The incident goes viral and Jerry is invited to sit on a council of intergalactic superheroes, much to Rick’s jealousy, until Dr. Wong points out that Rick is now free of burden. Rick is happy at first until he discovers Pissmaster committing suicide, having left a note blaming Jerry. Rick dons Pissmaster’s suit and performs many heroic deeds, redeeming the villain’s public image. The council sends Jerry to offer Pissmaster a seat among them, which Jerry reluctantly and forcefully attempts to do as Rick disarms a bomb by sacrificing Pissmaster’s suit to cover his suicide with a heroic death. The council dismisses Jerry for his arrogance. Rick lies that he was Pissmaster all along to make Jerry feel better about himself, but secretly gives Morty the real Pissmaster’s suicide note. Horrified, Morty promptly tells the rest of the family, who berate Rick for his actions and shame Jerry for Pissmaster’s death.

Post-credits scene: The council discusses whether to induct Mr. Nimbus from “Mort Dinner Rick Andre“.


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