Episode 9 | A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort


While waiting in line for food, a Knight of the Sun offers Morty his knighthood. Ignoring Rick’s warnings and calling him “boring”, Morty goes to the Sunand is told that he must sever his penis to join the Knights. Morty refuses and attempts to leave; opposed by the King of the Sun, he bests the King in combat and becomes King himself. He exposes the Knights’ worldview as flawed and convinces them to disband. Without the Knights’ influence, a peace summit among the leaders of the planets fails and a war breaks out. Morty finds the Knights of the Sun using heroin and inspires them to resume their duties by promising he will cut off his penis, Rick having built him a fake. The war ends and all the planets accept Morty as King but have set up various machines to expose his fake penis, forcing Rick and Morty to fake their deaths. With this, the Knights end their tradition of emasculation.

Post-credits scene: The hot dog vendor Rick bought food from at the start of the episode is arrested for illegal hot dog trafficking and the hot dogs are released into the wild. The alien detective is then snatched up by a flying creature.


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