Episode 7 |”Land of the Loft”

Brief Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead):

Bob and Linda have met some interesting new people! Maya and Becket appear to be the ideal couple: gorgeous, fun, and artistic. The Belchers decide to attend a party instead of rewatching Earl Gray Murders for the umpteenth time when they invite Bob and Linda to their home. Bob and Linda go for the night of their lives after a quick call to Jen for babysitting. The party may start later than they’re used to, but with the help of fancy wine and eccentric party goers, they quickly adjust. All attendees, however, are asked to perform a talent!

Meanwhile, the kids persuade Jen to take them on an ice cream truck trip in her sexy cousin’s truck. Things are going well until they become stranded due to the slick road conditions. Jen calls Bob and Linda, who receive her message just in time to avoid further embarrassment in the performance circle. They end the night at a strip club, which is the ideal way to cap off such an unplanned Belcher family outing.

Our Opinion:

To begin, I’d like to state unequivocally that Land of the Loft is a terrific episode of Bob’s Burgers. This week’s episode balances the Belcher family in a way few episodes have done so flawlessly, with a delightfully distinct yet still relatable main plot and a hilarious side plot for the kids. Taking parents out of their comfort zones and offering the kids a ride in an ice cream truck appears to be the winning formula. I was laughing the entire time, from the humorous artist stereotypes to the melancholy humor of Bob’s early bedtime.

Bob and Linda rarely express genuine displeasure with their children, but Linda comes near tonight. She’s had enough when the kids spill her final glass of wine (Throw Louise sounds like a good game). Maya and Becket are cool, but Bob and Linda are caught in a rut, and it takes a minor disaster to shake them out of it. Bob and the kids are taken aback when they leave in the middle of the night. (“Are you guys in the mafia?” Tina inquires.) But I’m delighted they made the decision to go. It’s wonderful to see the adult Belchers having a good time with other adults who are interested in them.Maya and Becket are great because they’re not only crazy, but they’re also truly good people. Their willingness to assist in the search for the children shown that they are loyal friends. I sincerely hope they stay, because Bob desperately needs a friend that isn’t Teddy.

The plot for the children is also fantastic. Tina would normally babysit, but Linda decides to bring in Babysitter Jen due to the late hour. Jen is a strange young lady. She’s the best babysitter a child could hope for, catering to their every need. She’s a gracious hostess. (It’s also persuasible.) I like how we get to watch Tina let loose in a way that she doesn’t get to do as often with her family. She’s typically the sensible Belcher kid, so getting to watch her engage in her wilder side was refreshing. I was nearly afraid she’d try to sabotage Jen, but happily the episode doesn’t go that far.

A fantastic plot is bolstered even more by truly amusing lines sprinkled throughout the program. When Teddy learns about Maya and Becket’s frequent visits to the restaurant, he exclaims, “Who does that?” “It’s a little spooky.” Teddy is a talker! “It’s like reading a book because we’re watching it with subtitles.” Linda is a brilliant woman. When Linda asks for something interesting to do, Bob says, “Sleep?” This is really relatable! Finally, I have to include this quote from one of the partygoers. “I make ukeleles,” she said, rolling my eyes. Ukuleles that degrade.”

Land of the Loft is unquestionably a winner. It provides both sets of Belchers their own compelling stories while yet tying them together in a logical way. With Maya and Becket, it introduces two of the season’s strongest supporting characters. Most significantly, it demonstrates that Bob and Linda are still youthful at heart and can enjoy themselves… even if only once in a blue moon.


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