Episode 1 | Solaricks”


Saved from the Citadel ruins by Space Beth, Rick attempts to reset the settings on his portal gun, but accidentally sends everyone who has traveled interdimensionally to their original dimensions. Morty returns to Cronenberg World from “Rick Potion#9“, Jerry swaps places with “Season Two Jerry” because of the events of “Mortynight Run“, and Rick is transported to his original universe where his wife Diane and his Beth were killed by Rick Prime,[2] who is Morty’s true grandfather. As Summer and both Beths travel back to the Citadel to establish an interdimensional beacon, Rick learns that Rick Prime was also transported by the reset. The original Jerry tells Morty that his Beth and Summer did not survive being frozen in “The Rickshank Rickdemption“.[a] Jerry abandons Morty in order to move on. Rick rescues Morty and takes him to confront Rick Prime but finds an elaborate trap. Morty convinces him to save the rest of the family instead. However, once the family picks up Jerry and returns home, they are confronted by Season Two Jerry, who releases an alien named Mr. Frundles that rapidly replicates and forces the family to relocate to a replacement dimension where their counterparts all died.

Post-credits scene: Rick Prime lands back on Cronenberg World, where he kills Jerry Prime after rejecting an offer to team up to hunt down Rick and Morty.


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