Just The Plot: Bob’s Burgers Season 1 Episode 5- Hamburger Dinner Theater

Linda is getting ready to go to a strip club when Bob discovers she is actually going to another dinner theater since she like musicals. Linda won’t stop doing musical numbers whenever she goes to a dinner theater, so Bob is irritated by the concept, but reluctantly agrees. Linda intends to throw a dinner theater at the restaurant, but it is canceled when Mort’s “props” of guts make the show too violent.

Linda tries to put on another concert the next night, but a bank robber comes up at the worst possible time for the Belchers. To avoid appearing suspicious to the clients, he robs them while performing a musical routine. Customers respond positively to the show after he leaves, but Bob resolves to have the thief jailed for stealing their money. Linda, dissatisfied with Bob’s decision, repeats the dinner theater performance, with the audience dismayed that the robber does not appear until Bob appears from the kitchen dressed as a robber, and everyone leaving unsatisfied with the performance, exactly as they did the first night.


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