Episode 2 | A Crystal Mess

In the second episode of their twelfth season, FOX’s Bob’s Burgers resorted to the crystals for answers. Instead? Pickling jars and nervous sweating filled the air. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy the craziness, therefore this is an entirely favorable assessment from me. But, on the other hand, Mr. Frond didn’t need to call me out like that with those worry dolls, though I do appreciate the sentiment (and the crystal, as Tina did).

In this episode of Bob’s Burgers, the jokes…were consistently funny. The moments between Tina and Mr. Frond concerning his failures at dating and texting and her frightened panic-induced sweats (which, honestly, are the SAME) made me laugh out loud. People may believe Tina lacks the social capacity for fantastic flirtation, but she isn’t using exclamation marks at the same degree as Mr. Frond. When Tammy (who is proving to be a fart of a person this season) takes the crystal that originally helped Tina, Louise and Gene step in, and I love seeing that interaction between the siblings anytime it comes up. Also, Peter Pescadero’s strange dancing and talking, which sounds like he can only speak in a very high tone after completing a marathon, is something I can’t get enough of. Ms. Jacobson, on the other hand, needs a week off after dealing with Tammy and Jocelyn’s presentation.

Bob brings a selection of damaged fruits and vegetables from the local market to the restaurant; they were on sale, and he couldn’t pass up such a good deal. While Teddy is afraid of their appearances, Linda makes amusing attempts to approach him by imitating the grub, particularly a dismal wrinkly tomato. With a lot of leftovers and a deadline approaching where they can’t be consumed any longer, Bob and Linda decide to try pickling what’s left. Of course, the craziness of the vinegar scent engulfing the restaurant is something that would occur on Bob’s Burgers, and I’m here to witness it. It reminds me of when I start a project only to realize I’m too far into it, knitting things I don’t need or suddenly decide I’m into decoupage. Season 12 did an excellent job! Sweetie, you’re doing well!


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