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Bob’s Burgers on FOX brought us Tina’s obsession with her new camera in the most recent episode touched a sensitive spot in my heart. Anyway, turn back now if you want to avoid spoilers before viewing “FOMO You Didn’t,” because things won’t be spoiler-free beyond the image jump…

I had a lot of mixed feelings regarding this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, mostly because of how it ended and how Tammy’s bad behavior was resolved. While it was amusing to see Mr. Branca attempt a humorous cover-up, as well as a stranger’s cute family reunion hosted by Linda, and it was exciting to see Tina pursue photography (being a photographer myself), it all felt odd in the end. Tammy’s attitude is a recurring theme on the program, and it’s what made the “Mazel Tina” episode so memorable.But in this episode, Tammy turned into a real jerk, ripping apart Tina’s photo and the negative because it showed her and several friends skipping school for slushies and a hangout area. While I admit that Tina’s worry of losing out on skipping school is realistic, it doesn’t seem to match her character to want to be included so much when she’s offered with companionship and interest, as she is with Susmita.

Bob’s Burgers had an average episode this time around, not horrible but not fantastic or noteworthy as much as it could have been with the story it looked like it was going to tell. The parts that gave me a lot of love for it all included the photography moments and the family reunion of those who lived in the Belcher apartment years ago. For now, this episode isn’t in my favorites but it did a nice job of expanding the character of the Belcher residence itself, and I loved that.


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