Episode 2 | Bob Day Afternoon | Bobs Burgers

After some role-playing at home, Bob walks across the street to the bank and asks for a loan, despite having a poor credit score and multiple outstanding loans with them. When he arrives at the bank, he is rejected by his cruel and rude bank teller, who does not consider him as a client and even mocks Bob for his poor credit scores. When Bob gets back to Bob’s Burgers, he notices multiple police cars, a SWAT squad, and a slew of news vans heading back to the bank.

A police investigator walks into their store, claiming that a bank robbery and hostage scenario is underway, and that he requires Bob’s Burgers to serve as a command center for the police reaction.

The bank robber Mickey (voiced by Bill Hader) orders pizza, and Jimmy Pesto, much to Bob’s chagrin and contempt, agrees to deliver it, garnering free publicity in the process. Gene asks the operator where he acquired his training when the pizza is delivered by a remote control robot, which leads to a lengthy fantasy about attending Robot College, where he is shown partying and streaking with robots.

When Mickey refuses to eat Pesto’s pizza, declaring it the worst Italian pizza ever, and instead requests burgers, Bob is thrilled. He approaches Bob and requests that he personally deliver the burgers. When Bob does so, a police sniper tries to shoot Mickey, causing Bob to be kidnapped as well. The police, the bank, and the Belcher family have a series of increasingly difficult group phone discussions, culminating with Bob being told to ‘hit the deck’ in one hour.

Mickey is able to construct a human shield around himself and escape to Bob’s Burgers before this can happen, swapping places with the cops in the process. After an hour, the bank is flooded with tear gas, rendering the cops helpless and allowing Mickey to flee. He accepts it, but he gets caught in the act. The teller is about to issue Bob a loan, but an ink packet explodes in his pocket, revealing money hidden inside. No one believes Bob when he claims Mickey put the money in his pocket. Mickey calls his family from jail at the end of the episode, and they are still on good terms.


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