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“Burgerboss,” written by Scott Jacobson and directed by Jennifer Coyle, is the fourth episode of the animated comedy series Bob’s Burgers’ second season and the overall 17th episode. On April 1, 2012, it premiered on Fox in the United States.

Bob has a classic arcade game called Burgerboss installed in the business in the hopes of earning enough money to purchase a new kitchen vent hood, while Linda believes they can use the money to purchase sailing lessons. Jimmy Pesto discovers the new addition to Bob’s Burgers and chooses to play a round because he is a fan of Burgerboss. Jimmy performs so brilliantly that he earns the highest overall score, but when it comes time to submit his name, he substitutes “BOB SUX” to mock his lifelong competitor.

Despite Linda’s concerns that this may develop into another “peeing race,” an enraged Bob resolves to try to knock “BOB SUX” off the list. Bob dismisses Linda and plays the game continually for the following few days, including after hours, until Teddy discovers that his fingers are crooked and suspects “carpal tunnel syndrome.” Bob contacts a doctor, who prescribes medicines and wrist braces to help him cope with the discomfort, but he refuses to quit playing. Linda gets the arcade machine removed from the restaurant, which enrages Bob because he can no longer knock Jimmy Pesto off the board.

Bob is undeterred and sets out to find the game, which he does at a neighborhood arcade named Family Funtime. However, the security guard on duty refuses to let him in because the arcade regulation prohibits adults from entering without a child. Bob rushes back to the house with Tina, Gene, and Louise, telling Linda they have a “thing” to do, leading her to believe they are heading to their first sailing class. Instead, he takes them to Family Funtime so that he can resume his Burgerboss duties. Louise advises that the kids kill time by showing up at birthday celebrations.

A child approaches Bob while he is playing the game and observes his progress. He alerts Bob about an impending opponent in the game after Bob urges him to go. When Bob inquires as to how the youngster knew, he notices that he is dealing with “DRL,” the guy with the highest score on every other machine in the arcade. Embarrassed, Bob seeks the advise of the youngster, Darryl, on how to improve his game. Darryl offers to assist him on the condition that Bob beats up on Tyler, a bully.

Bob and the kids visit Family Funtime several times during the next few days. Bob improves at Burgerboss despite misusing his painkillers to the point where he becomes euphoric and hallucinates, but the kids continue to have a good time at birthday celebrations. Louise eventually decides that they should crash the Commodores’ Ball at the yacht club across the street.

Tyler arrives at Family Funtime about the same time, seeking for Darryl. Bob, on the other hand, is unable to fight and passes out. Tyler retaliates by hitting Darryl in the face for his behavior, but Bob soon awakens. Bob leaps to life in the midst of a drug-induced hallucination that Darryl is being assaulted by a Burgerboss chicken leg and shoves Tyler down. Tyler flees out of the arcade, fearful for his safety, while Bob pursues him. Tyler storms into the yacht club, where his father is president, and informs him that Bob is attempting to assassinate him. Bob is tackled by security, but he continues to beat them off.

Tyler’s father contacts Linda, who is surprised to hear from him and thinks she is getting a surprise, and tells her to come down to the club right once. Linda arrives at the club to find that the kids have stolen regatta pennants and oyster forks, as well as several trays of food that Gene has consumed, and that Bob has not been sending the kids to the club for sailing lessons, instead focusing on beating Jimmy Pesto.

Meanwhile, Bob has been battling security, and when he encounters Linda, he mistakenly believes she is a character from Burgerboss and tries to recruit her assistance. Jimmy Pesto, who is at the top of the yacht club’s waiting list, happens to be at the party, and when he sees what’s going on, he teases Bob about “BOB SUX” once more. Linda chastises him for his conduct, blaming Bob’s actions on Jimmy and claiming that this is the outcome of yet another “peeing race.” Linda’s statement has shocked the membership, who believe Bob and Jimmy are involved in illicit sexual actions. As a result, Jimmy is denied membership, and Linda ejects Bob from the club, thereby barring the Belchers from ever returning to the club.

Darryl pays a visit to the eatery the next day. He has decided to confront his bullying difficulties head on, having been inspired by Bob, in the hopes of avoiding becoming like Bob, who is still dealing with his own bullies. To get “BOB SUX” off the leader board, Bob pays him under the table.


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