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“Dr. Yap” is the sixth episode of the animated comedy series Bob’s Burgers’ second season and the show’s overall 19th episode, written by Steven Davis and Kelvin Yu and directed by Anthony Chun. On April 29, 2012, it aired on Fox in the United States.

Gayle, Linda’s sister, shows up at the restaurant unexpectedly, on new medication and in good spirits. On the first stop of her “Eat Pray Love” globe tour, she plans to stay for a few days. Louise is envious of her gift of a jawbreaker to Gene, so she challenges Gene to a series of games, including a gross-drink contest (judged by Tina) and a contest to determine who can sit through Teddy’s dull stories about his towels for the longest.

Meanwhile, Bob visits the lecherous Dr. Yap, the family dentist (Ken Jeong). Bob tries to distract Yap by talking about his guitar (called Greta) and his mountain cottage after hearing him discuss unintentionally poking a needle through a patient’s cheek. Yap anesthetizes Bob after he is ultimately unsuccessful. He wakes up and is picked up by Gayle, whom he misidentifies as Linda due to his drugged state. Gayle develops a crush on Bob after they kiss in the car. The next morning, Bob is greeted by Gayle, who informs him that they have become a couple.

Linda encourages them to date and even have sex, believing it will be good for Gayle’s emotions and that she will swiftly move on to another man, much to Bob’s astonishment. Bob, uneasy about Gayle’s attraction to him, suggests that the family visit Yap’s cabin in the hopes that Gayle and Yap will fall in love. They arrive, and Yap and Gayle start flirting, but Gayle soon confesses that she is simply pretending to be interested in Yap in order to keep her and Bob’s affair going.

In the meantime, Gene and Louise are still fighting over the jawbreaker. Tina, who has a crush on Dr. Yap, discovers that Yap is wooing Gayle using the pickup artist “The Prince of Persuasia’s” deceptive and severely wrong ways. Tina begins attempting to seduce Yap using the Prince’s methods.

Yap and his family enjoy a day of skiing. A pursuit ensues as Gayle pursues Bob, Yap pursues Gayle, and Tina pursues Yap. Bob takes a detour to a quiet spot where Gene and Louise are competing for the jawbreaker by making snowmen. He slams into Louise’s snowman, which depicts her clutching the jawbreaker, and his tooth is broken on the jawbreaker. Gayle chases after Bob, mistaking his swerving for an invitation to have sex in the woods. When Yap and Linda see Gayle on top of Bob, they grow envious.

Bob passes out when Yap pulls his tooth without anesthetic. Tina is disturbed by Yap’s aggressiveness and resolves to leave him alone. Gayle makes a move on Yap, but she rejects him, preferring to “wait for Bob to wake up.” Yap is harmed as a result of this. Linda consoles him and advises him to abandon the Prince of Persuasia’s methods. Linda proclaims her love for Dr. Yap, recalling Gayle’s desire for anything she had, which explains her attraction to Bob. Gayle is immediately attracted to Yap, and the two depart to make love. Meanwhile, Gene and Louise battle over Bob’s teeth after losing the jawbreaker in the snow.


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