Episode 1 | Human Flesh


After a series of mishaps, Bob reopens the restaurant for Labor Day weekend. Hugo, the health inspector, pays a visit to the restaurant when it is being reopened after witnessing Gene spilling burger samples on the ground and reserving them. Because Louise made up the rumor in her class, he writes up his book and suspects them of supplying human flesh to the consumers. Linda’s previous engagement to Hugo is soon disclosed, making Bob envious. Hugo’s new sign is driving customers away. Despite Bob’s assurances that the rumor is untrue, the situation worsens when one of Gene’s antics results in the arrival to the restaurant of a body from the cremation.Bob finally tries to confront the throng outside, and while he looks to be succeeding at first, he ends up sounding like a proponent of cannibalism.

As the world continues to criticize him, Bob sobs to Linda that he is a failure and that she would have been better off staying with Hugo, whom she had previously conceded was a better kisser than Bob. Linda, on the other hand, informs Bob that she chose Bob because he had a vision for the future, whereas Hugo was a lonely man who had nothing going for him. Louise also expresses regret for fabricating the rumor.

After hearing about the human meat event, a bus of unusual diners is drawn to Bob’s Burgers, where Bob charges $50 for each burger. Hugo’s helper, Ron, informs Bob that no human flesh has been discovered, despite Bob’s attempts to shoo Ron away and let the customers to eat. Bob ends up with a large sum of money and takes his family to Wonder Wharf.


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