Episode 12 | Lobsterfest


The town’s annual Lobsterfest is canceled due to a storm, but Bob persists on celebrating by opening his doors. Bob declares Bobsterfest and provides free beer and burgers to the residents. He awakens to a strewn-about restaurant and an enraged Linda. Hugo is the grand marshal of Lobsterfest, and Bob arranges for him to meet Gretchen, one of the Lobster Girls. Tina and Gene are persuaded by Louise to go looting during the storm. They come upon a lobster going down the street and decide to eat it, despite Bob’s warnings (he is allergic to lobsters). The three are dismayed that they are eating lobster in the dark with toilet paper bibs for the first time.

Tina planned to eat lobster for the first time at her wedding to Jimmy Jr., Gene at a concert (while disguised as Parliament Funkadelic’s Bootsy Collins), and Louise as her final meal before the electric chair.

After discovering that Gene is allergic to shellfish after eating the lobster, they head to Lobsterfest for a cure. The next day, Lobsterfest resumes, and the locals seem unconcerned about Bob’s Burgers. Bob grows enraged and attacks the audience. Bob meets the kids at Lobsterfest and notices something is wrong with Gene, but he doesn’t remember what he looks like. He soon discovers Gene has a lobster allergy, and he blames Lobsterfest for it, threatening to dip his big toe in the butter. One of the cops inadvertently knocks Bob into the butter vat, polluting all of the town’s butter and infuriating the residents, who want him thrown in the shell pile. Hugo examines the butter and declares it safe for everyone except babies and individuals with compromised immune systems after Ron persuades him that he would not have his new girlfriend without Bob’s help. Hugo retaliates by conducting a surprise inspection on the destroyed eatery after Gretchen breaks up with him.


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