Episode 6 | Sheesh! Cab, Bob?


“Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” is the sixth episode of the animated television series Bob’s Burgers’ first season. “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” premiered on March 6, 2011 on the Fox network in the United States. Jennifer Coyle directed the episode, which was written by Jon Schroeder. According to Nielsen numbers, 4.91 million people watched it when it first aired. Kevin Kline, Steve Agee, Andy Kindler, David Herman, Jay Johnston, Jack McBrayer, and Oscar Nunez all appeared as guests on this episode. The episode’s title is a play on “shish kebab.”

Tina’s 13th birthday is approaching, and Linda advises Bob to make it especially memorable because she will be a teenager. Tina wants to have a party with a smoke machine and streamers, and she wants to invite her classmates and others. She also desires a romantic encounter with Jimmy Pesto Jr., Bob’s classmate and the eldest son of Bob’s business rival, nemesis, and owner of the restaurant across the street (Jay Johnston). Bob worries they won’t be able to afford Tina’s request, but Linda is adamant that they will. Bob approaches the restaurant’s landlord, Mr. Fischoeder (Kevin Kline), and requests a rent extension. He declines, instead offering Bob one of his side jobs as a taxi cab driver to supplement his income.

As a birthday present to Tina, Bob accepts the offer, and Louise becomes Tina’s kissing coordinator to help her prepare for the anticipated kissing encounter with Jimmy Jr. Bob enjoys driving about the city on his first night on the job, even befriending three transsexual prostitutes: Glitter (Steve Agee), Marbles (Jack McBrayer), and Cha-Cha (Jack McBrayer) (Oscar Nunez). Tina begins inviting students to her party, including Jimmy Jr., who must first obtain permission from his father. Unfortunately, due of his enmity with Bob, Jimmy Sr. prevents Jr. from attending, and Tina refuses to throw a party without him. Bob tries to get Jimmy Pesto to see reason, but he refuses unless Bob shaves his mustache and brings it to him as part of his collection. Tina despises him for refusing to shave his mustache because he refuses to bargain with the Pestos.

Bob returns to the restaurant deliriously after a night out with the sex workers (due to drinking alcohol and possibly taking crack). Tina agrees to come to the party, but only for a few minutes, Linda tells Bob. Bob arrives half an hour late for the party and discovers that things aren’t going well: the boys and girls aren’t dancing, Gene as the DJ is terrible, and Mort as the magician is terrible. Bob recalled inviting others, including Marshmallow (David Herman) and a homeless man, in addition to his regular transgender clientele. Tina is dissatisfied with Bob’s actions and refuses to speak with him. Tina is reminded by the trans women that Bob put in a lot of effort for the party and that she had a decent father who worked two jobs to pay for it. She apologizes to Bob for what she said to him and tells him that even without Jimmy Jr. present, he has already made the celebration great.

Bob, on the other hand, has already shaved his mustache. Jimmy Sr., also known as “Baby Num Num,” a “diaper lover,” is recognized by the trans ladies as one of their dates. Bob threatens Jimmy about his personal dates by bringing the trans ladies to Jimmy’s restaurant. He agrees to Bob’s demands, allowing Bob to keep his mustache hair in a plastic baggie and Jimmy Jr. to attend the celebration. Tina thanks Bob for what he has done when Jimmy Jr. arrives at the gathering. With Louise’s encouragement, Tina and Jimmy Jr. kiss under the disco ball at the party, and Gene plays the Thompson Twins’ If You Were Here, a homage to the closing of the film Sixteen Candles. The episode ends with everyone having a good time at the party.

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