Episode 2 | Crawl Space



Gloria and Al, Linda’s parents, come to Bob’s restaurant for the weekend, and Bob tries everything he can to avoid the in-laws. He discovers a little crawl space while repairing the leaks and decides to live there until the in-laws leave, pretending to the family that he is stuck. Teddy, who makes his first appearance in the series, arrives to assist Bob in his escape from the wall. Bob, on the other hand, tells Teddy that he is remaining inside the wall on purpose. When Gloria says they’ll stay to help out at the restaurant, Bob tries to climb out of the wall but realizes he’s stuck. Linda punishes Bob by putting him in the wall after he admits he was lying to her.

After a few days, he begins to lose his mind and has hallucinations, such as seeing a life-size version of Louise’s nightlight, Kuchi Kopi. Gloria eventually phones the fire brigade, who cut a hole in the wall, and Gloria locates and rescues Bob.

During this time, Louise persuades the school counselor that Bob has died. When he arrives at the restaurant, he is shocked to discover Bob is still alive and threatens to contact child services; however, Gloria changes her mind after Louise and Gene point out that he “took them away from learning” and “made them go into his car without wearing their seatbelts,” despite the fact that they were the ones who told him to take them there.


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