Episode 1 | How Poopy Got His Poop Back


After his divorce from Amy, Mr. Poopybutthole stays over at the Smith household, but the Smith family grows tired of his uncontrolled alcoholism and orders Rick to rectify the problem. Rick gathers his friends Gearhead, Squanchy, Birdperson as well as neighbour Gene in order to stage an intervention. Rick and his friends quickly end up partying with Mr. Poopybutthole instead, and are eventually joined by Hugh Jackman. However, Mr. Poopybutthole still cannot stop thinking about Amy and his son, so he convinces Rick and his friends to go and try to mend their relationship. They are shocked to find out Amy is in a relationship with Gul’karna, a Predator private investigator Mr. Poopybutthole hired to spy on her. Mr. Poopybutthole attempts to kidnap his son while Rick and his friends beat up Gul’karna. Mr. Poopybutthole realizes he’s setting a terrible example for his son and returns him to Amy and Gul’Karna. Afterwards, Mr. Poopybutthole decides to sober up and move on from Amy while Rick and his friends go their separate ways.


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