Episode 7 | Wet Kuat Amortican Summer


Summer obtains an “attribute slider” from Rick that allows her to change her physical attributes which she plans to use to impress her friends at a party. However, Morty gets jealous and tries to steal the attribute slider, causing them to both fall into the pool. The water short circuits the attribute slider which fuses Summer and Morty’s bodies together and Morty becomes a “Kuato“. Summer is ridiculed by her friends and Rick refuses to reverse the effects unless she does chores for him. Summer attends a nightclub exclusively for Kuato holders like her, organized by a man named Kenneth, who is running a Kuato trafficking ring and steals Morty. Summer and Rick both reunite and Summer uses her Kuato psychic connection to locate Morty on Kenneth’s yacht. After a brief battle, Rick throws Kenneth overboard to drown and gifts the latter’s robot walker to Morty. Later, Morty uses his robot walker to win his school’s frolf tournament, allowing Summer to earn her classmates’ respect again.

Post-credits scene : In a parody of Squid Game, the rich buyer who purchased Morty jokes about how he plans to rename Morty “69” because he paid 69 million florbos for him. He and his friends make several more jokes about the number.


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