Episode 8 | Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie


Continuing from the post-credits scene of “Get Schwifty“, Water-T fights off the Numbericon invasion of his home planet. Having inherited a pendant called the “I of Harmony” from his late father Magma-Q, Water-T reluctantly decides to consult his old math teacher, Mr. Goldenfold, over the mathematical equation written on it. However, the Numbericon Sinistar-7 tracks down Water-T, forcing him to flee with both Goldenfold and Morty. Goldenfold manages to decipher the equation to discover the location of the mythical planet E-10 where Water-T and Sinistar-7 reluctantly team up to unlock the I of Harmony’s secrets. However, Numbericon spy Number Eight steals the power of the I of Harmony for himself, becoming Infinity. Going mad with power, Infinity begins massacring both Alphabetrians and Numbericons. Water-T uses the power of rap to unite the Alphabetrians and Numbericons against Infinity and the spirit of Magma-Q transforms him into Magma-T. Magma-T and Sinistar-7 then use their love to power the I of Harmony and destroy Infinity. Afterwards, Morty picks up a new appreciation for math and Magma-T finally turns in his overdue homework to Goldenfold.

Post-credits scene : The Geomitron Ice Cube requests help from Magma-T and Sinistar-7, now the leaders of the united Alphanumericons, to help save his home planet. Magma-T and Sinistar-7 agree to aid Ice Cube in a new adventure titled “Magma-T & Ice Cube in: Challenge of the Geomitrons”.


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