Episode 5 | Unmortricken


The episode opens by showing Evil Morty’s backstory: having grown tired of demeaning adventures with his Rick, Evil Morty implanted devices to control him, leading into his actions throughout the series.[a] His peaceful retirement outside the Central Finite Curve is interrupted by Rick and Morty’s search for Rick Prime. Evil Morty confronts Rick and Morty, and all three are captured by Rick Prime, along with other Ricks whose wives were killed by him. After surviving a gladiator match with the other Ricks, they find Rick Prime and learn he built the “Omega Device”, a machine which can erase anyone from every universe, which he used to erase Rick’s wife Diane, and demonstrates by summoning and erasing Slow Mobius (Rick’s “uncle”). Evil Morty incapacitates Rick Prime, and steals and deactivates the Omega Device before allowing Rick to beat Rick Prime to death. Rick and Morty then travel home, with Rick returning to his daily routine while being visibly fazed by the preceding events.

Post-credits scene : Slow Mobius’ wife goes searching for him throughout the multiverse to no avail, the same way Rick searched for Rick Prime. She eventually meets an alien who similarly lost his wife, and they marry. Content with her new life, she lets go of her search.


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