Episode 2 | The Jerrick Trap


After Rick and Jerry argue over whether Rick was born intelligent, Rick swaps their minds to prove his point. Rick in Jerry’s body commits suicide in horror while Jerry in Rick’s body accidentally kills himself with Rick’s cybernetic enhancements. Rick’s medical robot heals them, but the process ends up with both Rick and Jerry possessing half of each others’ brains, blending their personalities. Meanwhile, Morty is captured by alien gangsters who realize their mistake and apologize to Rick. The half-Rick and half-Jerry go to pick Morty up, but their bickering causes the gangsters to sense weakness and attack the trio. They are able to fight their way back home, but the half-Rick and half-Jerry realize they are happier the way they are now and run away to go on adventures together, naming themselves Burger and Fries. When the gangsters kidnap Morty, Beth, and Summer, Burger and Fries realize they are still responsible for their families. They combine their bodies into the composite being Jerricky and rescues them. Afterwards, the Smith family force Jerricky to separate back into the normal Rick and Jerry, and they go back to bickering with each other.

Post-credits scene : It is revealed that Memory Rick from “Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort” is trapped in Jerry’s mind and trying to escape. His efforts are hindered because of Jerry’s belief that all technology is powered by gears and springs, preventing Memory Rick from fabricating the device he needs.


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