Episode 4 | That’s Amorte


Rick serves the family spaghetti, which Morty accidentally discovers is sourced from a planet where people’s bodies turn into spaghetti if they commit suicide, but not if they die any other way. Feeling guilty, Morty reveals the truth at a funeral. After this, the planet’s President legalizes suicide, and spaghetti becomes the planet’s primary export, with most people channeled into suicide to be sold as spaghetti to meet the demand. Rick’s attempts to fix things by sourcing the spaghetti from clones end disastrously, so he has one last terminally ill person commit suicide on a live broadcast and offers his spaghetti to Morty. During the broadcast, he shows everyone the man’s entire life causing everyone to vomit at the horrors they are committing, turning everyone off spaghetti. Later, Rick serves the family Salisbury steak, warning that its source is also horrifying. The family laughs this off, content to remain ignorant of its origin.

Post-credits scene : On a planet of sentient vacuum cleaners, a similar planet-wide broadcast reveals that vacuum bags come from deceased plant creatures, causing all the vacuums to vomit dust.


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