Episode 3 | Air Force Wong


President Andre Curtis summons Rick, requesting that he infiltrate Virginia under suspicion that the entire population has joined a cult. However, the President also mandates Rick bring along his therapist Dr. Helen Wong, leading Rick to suspect President Curtis wants to date her. When President Curtis and Rick enter Virginia, they discover that the entire state has been taken over by Unity, who is worried about Rick’s hunt for Rick Prime. Unity is convinced to leave and Dr. Wong breaks up with President Curtis, citing that he needs to overcome his obsession for everybody’s approval. President Curtis finally cracks under the pressure and hijacks the Virginia hive mind for himself, spreading the infection across the world to fulfill his desire for 100% approval ratings. Rick enlists Dr. Wong’s aid to convince Unity to stop President Curtis, and they agree to help and remove all of the infected humans from the hive mind. Later, Rick visits President Curtis, where the latter considers getting therapy.

Post-credits scene : Talk show host Mr. Stabby appears on the alien talk show “Gary Live” where Gary questions him about killing over 58,000 people with his sword arms during his shows. Mr. Stabby replies that his audiences attend his shows voluntarily knowing the risks and points out his methods work since everybody is talking about his show.


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