Episode 10 | Fear No Mort


Rick and Morty find that after all of their experiences, there is nothing that can scare or surprise them anymore. They are then approached by a man in a suit who offers them a truly terrifying experience, bringing them to a “Fear Hole” located in a Denny’s bathroom. Morty decides to leap in to face his fears, only for Rick to jump in after him to rescue him from monsters. Upon returning home, Rick and Morty realize that they’re still in the Fear Hole. However, no matter how many times they seemingly leave the Fear Hole, they never truly escape it. After their latest failed escape attempt, Rick offhandedly mentions that Morty is irreplaceable, which causes Morty to realize he’s not talking to the real Rick, and that Rick never followed him into the Fear Hole to begin with. Morty comes to the realization that his true fear is Rick leaving him. Upon overcoming his true fear, Morty finally escapes the Fear Hole. Rick is tempted to jump in himself after hearing that the Fear Hole can manifest Diane, but ultimately decides against it and leaves behind a picture of Morty to commemorate his conquering of the Fear Hole.

Post-credits scene : Mr. Poopybutthole uses a stolen portal gun to switch places with another Mr. Poopybutthole in a universe where he is still married to Amy. While it seems like Mr. Poopybutthole’s plan worked, the alternate Amy is immediately suspicious of him.


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