Episode 9 | Mort: Ragnarick


After killing Jerry in an experiment, Rick discovers the Afterlife exists and it possesses an infinite amount of energy. Rick and Morty go to Norway so Rick can enter Valhalla, but he has Bigfoot kill him as he must be killed by a great warrior. Rick enters Valhalla to harvest the energy, only for Morty to arrive having been killed by Bigfoot. The Vikings believing they’re witches attack Rick until he convinces them he is a Odin. Meanwhile, Bigfoot chases after a feral clone of Rick only to be captured by the Pope who uses him to kill all the church’s enemies. When Rick and Morty return Bigfoot cuts a deal with them to stop the Pope. The Pope, having gained the energy from the Afterlife, kills them, but they revive using Operation Phoenix, making Bigfoot a human in the process. After failing to stop the Pope with the help of the Universal Monsters, Rick tricks the Vikings into pulling the plug on the energy after they escape, stripping the Pope of his powers. After Rick traps the Pope in a Poke ball, Rick and Morty send Bigfoot back into the woods, despite the fact he’s human now.

Post-credits scene : Rick has the Pope fight in an underground Pokémon fight only to be saved by the police who break up the underground fight which Rick fled from. The Pope is horrified to learn Rick’s feral clone has become the new Pope.


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